Blue Flower

Two members walking towards marketplaceSo what do we do?

We immerse ourselves in the world, living the Gospel wherever we are, in whatever we do. Our passion is for Christ and the Reign of God - that is, "righteousness and peace and joy in the Holy Spirit" (Rom.14:17).

We carry no titles, no insignia, no particular dress code, but such anonymity is not a place of shelter. Rather, it is "by their fruits you will know them" (Mt.7:20) that is our challenge. There is no down time. We may not use our anonymity to shelter ourselves from meeting the Gospel challenge in any given moment. We can be in the world in places where the Church is not, engaging in dialogue with those who are "spiritual but not religious". 

In his message to participants in the Italian Conference of Secular Instiutes in October, 2017, Pope Francis said:

You are called today to be humble and passionate bearers, in Christ and in His Spirit, of the meaning of the world and of history. Your passion is born of the ever-new wonder for the Lord Jesus, for His unique way of living and of loving, of encountering the people....It means bringing to the world, in the situations in which you find yourselves, the word of God that is to be heard. It is this that truly characterizes secular life: knowing how to say that word that God has to say to the world. Where "to say" does not mean so much "to speak" as "to act". We say what God wants to say to the world, acting in the world,,,

... Attentive to the world, with your heart immersed in God.

"Never cease to keep the flame of love burning in your hearts." (St Angela, Rule)

"You are the salt of the earth ... the light of the world." (Mt.5:13-14)